Super for real estate professionals

REI Super is the only industry super fund built by, and for people in real estate. For over 47 years, we've been delivering highly rated super and pension services for our members, and unlike other funds, our real estate focussed team is able to provide you with a truly personalised experience, either over the phone, in person or via video calls.

Consistent long term performance

Strong long-term performance and lower fees means more money in your super
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Why choose REI Super?


All profits to members

We only return profits to members, not shareholders

Insurance tailored for you

We offer tailored insurance which caters for commissions

We 'get' your industry

We understand real estate so we understand your needs

We're here for you

Don't be a number, our team provides genuine personalised service

Flexible pensions

Get a tax-effective income stream while still building your super

Recognised super experts

We're highly awarded by Australia's most respected ratings agencies

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