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Your details

Before you complete this form, it's important that you read the REI Super PDS.

Tax File Number

Please provide your Tax File Number (TFN).

Don’t know your TFN?

Without your TFN, you may be charged more tax. If you don’t have your TFN to hand, you can always provide your TFN to us at a later date.

Under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, REI Super is allowed to collect your TFN. We will only use it for lawful purposes. Your TFN will also be provided to any other fund you transfer to, unless you request in writing that it not be disclosed.

Your Investment Options

How would you like to invest your superannuation?*

You can change your investment option at any time online or over the phone.

Nominating Beneficiaries

You can nominate one or more beneficiaries to receive your super and any benefits when you die. You do not have to nominate your beneficiaries straight away and can change your beneficiaries at any time online or over the phone.

Would you like to nominate your beneficiaries now?*

If you complete this form without nominating a dependant (spouse, child or others financially dependent on you at time of our death), this indicates that you wish your benefit to be paid to the legal personal representative(s) in your estate.

Your employment details


Let’s set up your insurance. Once a member you can apply to change your level of cover or decide to opt-out. See REI Super Insurance Guide PDF. If you already have insurance with another provider you may wish to opt-out

Insurance opt-out

REI Super’s default Death and TPD insurance cover is there to protect you and your family in the event of death, serious illness or accident. Our insurance is there to give you peace of mind. We offer competitive low insurance premiums which are generally not available to the general public. Insurance premiums are deducted from your super account and not your take-home pay.

See REI Super Insurance Guide PDF for more information or call our helpline: 1300 13 44 33. Tick the box if you wish to opt-out or click on “next” to continue.

TPD declaration


Confirmation: Thank you for joining REI Super.

Your application is now being processed.

You application will take 3-4 working days to process, after which you will receive a welcome letter with your membership account number.

A PIN will be sent separately. Once you receive your membership account number and PIN, you can access your superannuation details online.

If you have any questions, contact our helpline: 1300 13 44 33.

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Your responses will be kept confidential and we do not collect any identifying information such as your name, email or IP address. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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