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posted on 08.07.2019

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Nik Bradley, Creswick and District Sales Consultant PRD Nationwide, Ballarat, Victoria

Nik Bradley recently moved to the former gold mining town of Creswick in regional Victoria to run a satellite office to PRD Nationwide in Ballarat.  He has embraced the community in Creswick, as it has embraced him. As evidence of that, he has a list of glowing client references as long as your arm.

REI Super: How did you get into real estate?

NB:   I was a sales cadet in the early 90s. I left the industry for 20 years to work for myself in project management and retail stores. I returned to real estate about three years ago and took this opportunity in Creswick about 12 months ago.

REI Super: What do you like about working in real estate?

NB:   I really like the people aspect of it. Having just moved to regional Victoria 12 months ago I’m also really enjoying the quality of life. In a community like this I feel like I’m actually achieving something and helping people.

REI Super: What are the challenges of real estate for you?

NB:   Dealing with the ebbs and flows in business, particularly in a country area is certainly one of the challenges. Also the uncertainty associated with commission-based income is a challenge of this work, but it’s something you have to make your peace with. 

REI Super: Tell me about the community in Creswick

NB:   It’s a very friendly community. Trust needs to be built of course, but that’s happened very quickly in the 12 months I’ve been here. I’ve been surprised and gratified by how quickly the community has accepted me and how quickly I’ve been able to develop a real and strong organic network.

REI Super: What’s the sales market like there at the moment?

NB:   It’s hot! We just can’t get enough stock! Of the eight properties we sold in June, only one of those made it to the internet and the rest were sold off-market. In fact, one of my recent sales I made while I was appraising the property and was able to make a phone call to a qualified buyer I knew.

REI Super: What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

NB:   Probably a sale I made to a lovely older couple in their 70s. The husband had recently lost his sight and they were needing to find a more suitable place to live and they wanted to stay in Creswick. They knew it was going to be really hard to be able to stay in their community but I managed to find a place for them that suited them really well. That was my biggest win for the year.

REI Super: Where does super come in? Are you a planner? A saver?

NB:   Having worked for myself for many years I neglected my super for a long time. So I’m a late bloomer in terms of building super and I’m very conscious that I’ve got some catching up to do. I’m also a big believer in industry super funds and I don’t believe the banks should have their noses in it. 

REI Super: Have you had any experience with SMSFs?

NB:   I have. My mother has twice been talked into an SMSF in the last 15 years! I’ve had to help her untangle it each time. She only had $120,000, so it was crazy. They’re products that get sold by planners.


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