20 years on and still innovating

posted on 06.08.2019

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Michael Nikou, Investor Support Manager at Turner Real Estate in Wayville, Adelaide, has been in the industry for 20 years, but he’s still moving with the times.

REI Super: Tell us about how you got into real estate.

MN:   I was 21 at the time and looking for a career change. My uncle owned an LJ Hooker franchise and he needed someone to come in and do some odd jobs. Then 20 years later, here I am, working for my third real company with Turner Real Estate. I've been with them for close to seven years now. It's certainly been a been a journey.


REI Super: What are the advantages of working for a family-run business?

MN:   As well as being able to develop our own brand and be agile in the marketplace, it comes down to the values and the commitment to the clients. We can adapt to our clients’ needs.


REI Super: And what do you see are the main challenges of working in real estate?

MN:   Continually finding new ways to adapt to a changing market and to adapt to client's needs. We've certainly put strong focus in the customer experience and really adding value to the real estate experience. People's expectations have grown exponentially over the years. We want to meet those expectations and exceed them with new innovations wherever we can.


REI Super: What would you say is your biggest career highlights so far?

MN:   Helping Turner Real Estate become the most prominent agents in the executive rental market in Adelaide. We have a very high Google ranking in that market space. That's something that I really enjoyed personally being involved in and it has become an area of specialty for me.


REI Super: How would you say you market yourself?

MN:   I make sure my profile is visible in all the areas that it needs to be. It's not just about putting an advert for a property out on You really need to have all areas covered nowadays, especially in social media. Video marketing has also become a strong focus for me.


REI Super: Where does your superannuation come in?

MN:   I've been with REI Super for 7 years now. I was looking around for an Industry SuperFund at the time and I liked what REI Super was offering. I’ve found that their communication with members and their reporting to be excellent, so I've been happy to stick with them.


REI Super: Can you ever see yourself retiring?

MN: I certainly have it in the back of my mind, it’s something I think we all work towards. Our contributions and investment choices now can have a huge impact on how we retire.


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