Find and combine super accounts

internal-banner-rolling-over-micheal2Take control of your super. Find and combine your super accounts. It’s quick and simple.

Quick and easy

In 2 minutes, you can find and combine all your super accounts in one place online. It's simple. Just log into your account. 

How to combine your accounts?

  1. Log into your super account.
  2. Select "Consolidate your super" under "Contributions".
  3. If you have other super accounts (including ones you may have forgotten about), you'll find them here.
  4. Follow the steps if you wish to combine them into your REI Super account. It is as simple as that.

Or call our helpline and we can do it for you over the phone: 1300 13 44 33

Make your money work harder

There is so much upside to finding and combining your super into one account.

  • Save on fees. Paying multiple fees for multiple account can get expensive and fees can slowly erode you balance, especially low account balances. By having one account means only one set of fees to pay.
  • Reduced paperwork. Having one account makes it easier to manage and to track your super going forwards. When you change jobs, you can take your REI Super account with you.
  • Compound interest. The biggest bonus with one account, means more funds in one pot and the power of compounding interest. Compound interest will give a boost to your account savings without you having to do anything.

Compounding interest graph

The graph shows how compound interest works with an initial deposit of $50,000 and an annual lump sum contribution of $5,000.  Inflation 2.5% and a return of 6% paid annually. At the end of 10 years you’d have a total of $157,423 in today’s dollars your account.

Remember, investment returns aren't the same every year. Some years they are higher and other years they are lower. When returns frequently go up and down, it is called volatility. Time is your best friend when it comes to investing. The longer you invest, the more time you have to ride out the markets' ups and downs.

Use MoneySmart’s compounding interest tool to see how it would relate to your finances.

Do you have multiple super accounts?

Like most of us, you may have changed jobs a few times. If you do not inform your employer where you would like your super to be paid, then your 9.5% super guarantee contribution will be put into their default super fund. This is how most people end up with multiple super accounts which they then forget about.

Check and see if you have any lost super accounts by logging into your REI Super account.

Paper form

If you'd prefer, you can download and complete a paper form to combine your accounts.

Before you combine your super accounts

  1. Review the benefits you have with other super accounts including insurance cover. If you choose to leave your current fund, you may lose your insurance benefits. Make sure you have adequate insurance cover before combing your accounts with REI Super.
  2. Check if there are any fees for leaving other super funds.
  3. Consider getting financial advice to help you compare the benefits and costs of switching funds. Call our helpline for more information: 1300 13 44 33.