Board Attendance Record

 Date of appoint-ment2021/222020/212019/202018/192017/182016/172015/16
Ian Armstrong2


Michelle Beveridge127/10/2017-4533--
Jonathan Blocksidge01/10/20112554354
Emery Feyzeny15/02/20122554354
Dianne Helmich1/11/20142544454
Claire Higgins1/10/20142554454
Nathan Jones1/10/20211------
Cassandra Mason1/10/20211------
Greg Paterson21/12/20131443354
Leanne Pilkington1/10/20211------
Neville Pozzi29/12/19931454444
Richard Simpson1/10/2019254----

Cells marked with " - " indicate the Director was not serving on the REI Super Board during that financial year.

1Resigned 2 September 2021

2Resigned 30 September 2021