Two minutes with Mal

posted on 24.08.2017

In this video REI Super CEO Mal Smith provides an update on REI Super’s investment strategy and performance. 

I'm Mal Smith, Chief Executive Officer of REI Super with a brief investment update on our portfolio. Investment markets got off to a surprisingly buoyant start in the first quarter of the financial year, and our Balanced option delivered a good return of just over two-and-a-half per cent.

Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts, on the other hand, fell in value by around ten per cent during the quarter. But as we know, the last quarter we had already been decreasing our weighting in the portfolio of those assets, so we didn't bear the full brunt of this decrease.

As far as the investment outlook goes, we still expect modest returns for the rest of the financial year and this is due to a range of factors. Many investments are still highly priced and at risk of correction. There's still volatility in interest rates and there's still ongoing uncertainty in European markets.

As always, though, the key for REI Super is to maintain a well-diversified portfolio, well priced and researched investments that have plenty of upside potential, and an acceptable level of risk.

We're proud that this strategy has placed us among SuperRatings' top 10 balanced funds last financial year and we were also recognized last year as only one of eight funds that managed to double our members' money since the depths of the global financial crisis.

So please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team if you'd like help or advice on your super investment options, insurance, or contribution strategies. We're here to help you achieve the best possible retirement outcome.





Please note:

Future investment performance can vary from past performance, and you should not base your decision to invest in REI Super simply on past performance. Past earning rates are not an indicator of future earning rates. The investment returns of REI Super are not guaranteed, and the value of the investment may rise or fall.

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