Banking with ME


Every Australian deserves to get the most out of their money.

ME bank is here to help you do it.

ME was originally created by member-owned industry super funds to be a fairer home loan lender, helping Australians reach the dream of owning their own home. These days ME is a fully fledged bank, but profits still go back to the industry super funds – the very same ones that look after the retirement savings of more than seven million Australians.

ME helps Australians get ahead. ME gives you ways to get more from your savings, pay less on your loans and cut down on fees.

ME makes banking as simple as possible. You shouldn’t have to wade through jargon to find what you need, and opening an account should be easy.

And because financial know-how doesn’t always come naturally, ME gives you tools to spend wiser and save smarter: things like online school of money ‘ed’, which is fast, free and simple to use.


More for REI Super members

As a member of REI Super, you’ve got access to ME’s Member Benefits Program – a full program of special offers and deals to help you get more from your banking:

  • More on home loans - save more with ME’s already-low rates
  • More on everyday accounts - enjoy bonus offers to make your money go further
  • More on credit cards - save with a competitive low rate

ME regularly has new special deals. Find out what’s available right now...


Information on this page about ME Bank products and services does not constitute financial advice on the part of the REI Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd ABN 68 056 044 770, AFSL 240569. You should seek independent financial advice before making a decision to acquire a ME Bank product.

REI Super and ME Bank are not agents or representatives of one another. The REI Super trustee, does not recommend, endorse, or accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused by, the products and services provided by ME Bank. 

REI Super is a passive shareholder (0.33% holding) in ME Bank to enable our members access to the shareholder benefits offered.  Neither REI Super, nor any of its associates, receive any commissions as a result of members using or obtaining ME Bank products and services.  As a shareholder in ME Bank, any dividends received from shareholdings are passed back as returns to our members, net of fees.